Detoxes and cleanses

As a new year begins, people often focus on various forms of self-improvement, and chief among those are usually getting healthy and losing weight.

Story:Christine Walsh


Fall fashion

The autumn season means not just the typical deep and rich shades for the chillier temperatures but also some surprising trends in styles.

Story:Christine Walsh

Photos:Christine Walsh

Mission 22

Dressed in crisp red, white and blue uniforms, a color guard stood at attention during the singing of the National Anthem between baseball games at Parkland College in Champaign.

Story:Christine Walsh

Photos:Christine Walsh

Working Out PTSD

Tyler Wilson and Aaron Merrell never met but they had a lot in common. Both were Marines from Danville who went to California for boot camp, were stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and served two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

Story:Christine Walsh

Photos:Christine Walsh

Before the build

You decide you need a new home.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn

Two homes into one

Near Georgetown, the Emmerts’

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn and Norma Emmert

From two A-frames

To make the perfect Craftsman-style house, an architect took two nearly identical A-frames that were blocks apart and joined them together in one light-filled home on Church Street.

Story:Paul Wood

Photos:Stephen Haas

Luscious and savory

It was a little while back that Tara Reece found out she had Celiac’s disease, gluten-intolerance, Non-tropical sprue, or Celiac Sprue.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn and Tara Reece

Plants, food and dance!

Shirese Hursey, our day trip photographer, and I were looking for a good day trip, and it hit us: there are some really wonderful places right here at the University of Illinois.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Shirese Hursey and Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Cleaning grout

Camille Buchanan of rural Piatt County submitted this: I love my travertine quarry tile.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Pratt Home Improvement