Singin’ in the shower

Ideas: Singin’ in the shower

Singin’ in the shower

A new showerhead lets you listen to your playlist in the shower.

Story: Jodi Heckel

Do you sing in the shower?

If you can’t be without your favorite music, this new showerhead allows you to hear your playlist while showering.

The Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker is a new product from Kohler. Connor Co. in Urbana, which sells bathroom fixtures along with wholesale plumbing and HVAC products, carries the Moxie showerhead.

The showerhead has a speaker that fits into the center of the showerhead and that syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device, then allows you to play your music. The speaker pops out and you can take it with you anywhere to listen to music – the kitchen, the deck, the car.

It has up to a 7-hour charge, and the battery can be recharged by plugging it into your computer with a USB cable.

The outside of the showerhead comes in chrome or white, and the spray surface and speaker are silicone.

Debbie Zbinden at Connor Co. said the business has sold several of the showerheads since it received them a few weeks ago, the first sale being a Valentine’s Day gift.

Zbinden said customers have reported the showerhead has a good water flow as well as a good sound from the speaker.

It is one of several new products by Kohler that emphasize music in the bathroom.