Ms. Becky's Garden

Ms. Becky’s garden

Gardens: Ms. Becky’s garden

Ms. Becky's Garden

Ms. Becky’s garden

Story: Bridget Broihahn

Garden and home

As much as her customers are the heart of her business, Ms. Becky’s garden can oftentimes be the heart of her home.  It reflects her style, her family and her love of all things growing. “She has always been a gardening expert,” said Sharon Buchanan of Mansfield.

Buchanan is a former colleague of Becky Smith.

“I received many ‘starts’ for my garden from Becky.  She would have instructions for all of us, you know, tips to help get our own plants started.  She’s a real expert,” Buchanan said. Buchanan said that even before Ms. Becky’s was opened, that everyone came to her on home décor and gardening.

Becky loves plants, but it’s more than that.  She has a devotion to her family and it is reflected in her gardens. “The angel in my garden is in memory of my mom,” Becky said.

She also has a large boulder called Chey’s Rock, in honor of her granddaughter by the same name.  Chey would play and sit on that very rock.  She’s now a young lady of 22 years, but Becky honors her granddaughter with that rock and the flowers that surround it.

She has another tribute to her sons, Jason and Jamie with their tricycle-the trike-surrounded by verbena and lamb’s ear.

“Another thing is the wagon.  That belonged to my boys, too,” she said. “Many of my starts came from my great grandmother, and they are still alive to this day.”
According to Buchanan, Becky can do anything.
“Ms. Becky’s is a great place to be, partly because of Becky, but mostly because of all the items she has in her store,” Buchanan said.
Customers can go to Ms. Becky’s Facebook page to find out the latest specials or they can email her at: “Or they can always call us at 217-896-2200,” Becky said.