At Home in Central Illinois

From two A-frames

To make the perfect Craftsman-style house, an architect took two nearly identical A-frames that were blocks apart and joined them together in one light-filled home on Church Street.

Story:Paul Wood

Photos:Stephen Haas

Luscious and savory

It was a little while back that Tara Reece found out she had Celiac’s disease, gluten-intolerance, Non-tropical sprue, or Celiac Sprue.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn and Tara Reece

The bird whisperers

Most folks retire as their careers wind down. Not so, for these two bird enthusiasts, or “birders” as they often refer to themselves.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn

Plants, food and dance!

Shirese Hursey, our day trip photographer, and I were looking for a good day trip, and it hit us: there are some really wonderful places right here at the University of Illinois.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Shirese Hursey and Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

Cleaning grout

Camille Buchanan of rural Piatt County submitted this: I love my travertine quarry tile.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Pratt Home Improvement

The wheel of life

If Tom Brewer had not been extremely ill his senior year on 1967 at Champaign High School-the last year Champaign had just one high school- this story may just well have been about Brewer the accountant, not Brewer the potter.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn

It’s finally here

Central Illinois is known for its ever-changing weather.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Bridget Broihahn

Carrie Brocksmith is seen here wearing her letter jacket, something she hasn't been able to do  in a long time.

She made a choice. To fly.

Carrie Brocksmith of Seymour made a life-changing decision to take her health back. Read her inspiring story.

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Mike Heiniger


The Higham Home

The Highams have made this gothic girl come down-to-earth

Story:Bridget Broihahn

Photos:Briana Floyd

Alltop on stage.jpg

The Champaign-Urbana Symphony

Story:Gerri Kirchner

Photos:Darrell Hoemann