Upcycling. It’s a new word for a new year. Upcycling has become a new phenomenon, too. In fact, it’s not even a real word — just yet.


Walking into Bohemia is like when Dorothy first opened the door and stepped into Oz. It’s truly breathtaking. There are pops of color and interesting merchandise in every direction of the Urbana store. In some areas of the store, it looks more like an art gallery than a vintage shop.

Fur and feathers

Linda Case said this is a great area for pet owners. The Buffalo, New York native has made Central Illinois her home for many years.


Essential oils

Brenda Stout Jamieson’s kids just kept getting sick, and she was at her wit’s end.

“That was back in 2000. I have three children, and they had strep throat that just kept coming back that year,” she said.

Like many moms, she looked around at alternative methods to heal her youngsters. The antibiotics would get rid of the strep throat, only to return a short while later, along with other viruses and ailments. Besides being a mom, Stout Jamieson is a busy teacher and likes to take care of things efficiently.