What began as a dream became a reality in the heart of downtown Covington, Indiana. There exists a quaint antique shop called Glorie Bee Antiques.
For those of you who love antiques and appreciate the knowledge that goes with them, head towards Glorie Bee Antiques. For those of you who use GPS, plug this in: 314 Liberty St., Covington, IN 47932. For those Renaissance types-like me- let’s use these directions:
• Take I-74 toward Danville, crossing over into Indiana.
• Take IN-63 exit (Exit #4) towards Terre Haute/Newport
• Turn left on north State Road

Go figure that a group of breast cancer survivors would rather be racing than sitting around commiserating about their lives. If you’re conjuring up images of Wonder Woman or the women of the Amazon, then you are not too far off.
The Prairie Dragon Paddlers are a unique group of survivors. Yes, they have been afflicted by a disease that could end their lives, but they have made the choice to pull together and support each other. They’re thriving.

Ever since I can remember, I have been tailgating at the University of Illinois football games. My parents had season tickets and they were all in. So, when I started doing research on the history of tailgating, I was surprised that “officially” the first tailgate probably started somewhere else other than the UI.

Kathy Steepleton knew there was something going on in her body.

“Six years have gone by,” she said as she brushed her thick mane of dark hair out of her face. Her skin is vibrant and glowing. Her eyes are bright and sharp. She is the picture of health and beauty. Six years ago, she had just had a regular mammogram. It was clean. But, her family was right in the middle of switching insurances, and details were convoluted. And it was six years ago. Technology has progressed much since then.