Michael and Karen Brian will never forget that autumn day they went to celebrate his birthday in Champaign. They wanted to get a couple of steaks, so they set-out from their rural Tuscola home to make their way to the Twin-Cities that Sunday in November.

Home-the heart of friends and family!

Debbie Mitchell knows that home is about family. She also knows it’s about friends, too.

Joyce Changnon, Mitchell’s best friend for 37 years stands close by.

“We’re just really, really…,” Mitchell said.

“Yes, we’re really close,” Changnon said at almost the same time.

The two friends stood in Mitchell’s kitchen. They were dressed almost alike: sandals, blue denim jeans and white cotton peasant-like blouses. They didn’t plan for that, either.

“We often finish each other’s sentences,” Mitchell said.

Bloom and grow!

When Sharon Shelley talked about the purchase of their 30-year-old Champaign home, she laughed. Her husband, Clarence Shelley, known as ‘Shelley’, was surprised when she suggested that they remodel their ranch home.

Designer uses color and artwork to brighten homes

Amy Lienhart believes modern decorating calls for softer, more neutral paint colors, non-matching furniture, and fewer items of ornamentation but using those that command attention.