Bruce Rainey and Michael Hogue like to celebrate the holidays in a big way. The Champaign couple pulls out all of the stops for the holidays.
If Rainey and Hogue sound familiar to At Home in Central Illinois readers that’s because they were the first to lead the way to the county clerk’s office that first day of civil union registration in Urbana, June 1, 2011. Plus, everyone seems to know them in and around the Champaign-Urbana area. They throw a huge holiday party every year, and it’s a show-stopper.

When Mel Fros builds a home, it’s no ordinary house. It has thought behind it; a purpose, function, sustainability and meaning to the structure. It also has great beauty. He’s an artist, and he wrestles with his art until it is just right. The bungalow in Urbana is no exception.

It started out as a lesson for his son, Daniel, an aspiring master builder.

   Letha Kramer was driving around one day in Urbana. She was going to an estate sale. She might find a treasure or two. 


I t can be an artistic endeavor to bring an older home into the now. Great creativity is needed to keep the original style of the house but renovate it so it fits into today’s world.