Ms. Becky's Garden

Garden and home
    As much as her customers are the heart of her business, Ms. Becky’s garden can oftentimes be the heart of her home.  It reflects her style, her family and her love of all things growing.
    “She has always been a gardening expert,” said Sharon Buchanan of Mansfield.
Buchanan is a former colleague of Becky Smith.
    “I received many ‘starts’ for my garden from Becky.  She would have instructions for all of us, you know, tips to help get our own plants started.  She’s a real expert,” Buchanan said.

Jim Bier created a garden modeled on those he's admired in Japan.

Sandra and David Lampert have filled their property with trees, shade plants, and annual and perennial flowers.

Margaret Dillon grows colorful flowers she loves that are easy to care for.