John and Judy Chesnut’s farm hums with life this time of year. The vast yard, with berm after berm, flowers beds in every nook and cranny and the vast pasture and grazing land for the     quarter horses — and one pretty paint — seem like a world all their own.  

The perfect lawn

The yard extraordinaire
 Phil Lovett takes the guesswork out of a perfect lawn

Lake of the Woods-Mabery Gelvin Gardens

      The Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden is located in Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve. Located just off Illinois Route 47 in Mahomet, Illinois, the garden boasts some of the most beautiful and diverse flora in East Central Illinois.  Local freelance photographer, Briana Bailey said she loves to take pictures at the gardens.
      “I love it because the scenery is so beautiful,” she said. “Everywhere you turn, you can find something that captures the beauty in East Central Illinois.”