A garden party

Peonies, mint juleps and mingling

Gardens: A place of rejuvenation

It’s springtime, the birds are chirping, the days are getting longer, and the flowers, plants and trees are blooming. 

Ahhhh! There’s nothing like shedding those winter blahs and getting out in the spring air. Gardeners are out in full force tending to their beds, spreading mulch, getting rid of weeds, planting annuals, pruning perennials and putting in their vegetables. 

Phil Lovett said that it’s fairly easy to have a great lawn.
“I’m just a regular guy, and if I can have a fantastic lawn, anybody can,” he said.
Lovett of Mahomet, At Home in Central Illinois’ go-to “lawn guy” says it’s not that hard to keep everything in the yard healthy and looking good during that summer heat. Lovett gave tips to At Home readers last summer and even showed them how to build a budget-friendly sprinkling system themselves. He said keeping a healthy lawn just takes a little forethought, water and fertilizer.

Central Illinois has come to life this spring.