Brussels sprouts, bacon and shallots

Earthy and delicious

When the Day Trippers went to Effingham’s Firefly Grill, we decided that our readers needed to know this recipe. This side dish was so satisfying, they suggested we had to share it. Listed under “The good sides,” in the Firefly Grill menu, this creation by head chef, Mikey Crawford, will have you wanting to make it more than a side dish.

Mouthwatering sizzle and more

When the team from At Home in Central Illinois visited Alexander’s Steakhouse we knew what to expect: great food, a fun atmosphere, great drinks and delicious desserts. Believe it when we say that we were still surprised. “Wow” was the first word uttered when we walked into the Champaign restaurant, located at 202 W. Anthony Drive. 

The much-anticipated Hamilton Walker’s Steaks, Seafood and Spirits is open in the heart of downtown Champaign at 201 N. Neil St. It is named for the Walker Opera House and the Hamilton Hotel, which operated in the very same location. The recent addition to downtown endeavors to be a gathering place for those who want fine dining.

Lovie Smith

MaryAnne Smith is focused on family. And being the spouse of a coaching professional can be quite daunting. The outside pressure from the public can be enormous. Moving to Champaign-Urbana makes this the Smiths’ twentieth home in Lovie Lee Smith’s –his given name- football coaching career. Moving is considered one of the biggest stressors in life; something that could even bring about great strife to a marriage. Try multiplying that by 20.

Obviously, MayAnne and Lovie are solid. Indeed.