Life is to be lived!

Hello, At Home in Central Illinois readers. I hope this finds you healthy and happy. Our latest issue represents two things: newness and the celebration of it.

Our two featured homes are both new homes. The first is the home of Doctors Homer and Genene Radden and their boys, Homer, III and Bill. This adorable family bought their home built and furnished, and we got to be there for the exciting unveiling! The second home is all about the effect of interiors on a home as only These Four Walls of Monticello can do with their signature, fresh and wonderful designs.

Next, we stayed downtown for the premier of the much awaited restaurant, Hamilton Walker’s Steaks Seafood and Spirits. It’s more than a place to dine, too. It’s a gathering place and a destination, with some fun historical fiction thrown in for good measure.

Before the hard chill set-in, we drove to Tilton to Better Days Distillery, Vermilion County’s only distillery. This place- just four years new- is already on its third expansion, and there’s a reason why- it’s a really fun and welcoming place.

Our shopkeeper, Forever Glamorous store owner, Latasha Cross, just reopened in a newer and larger location, and she’s ready with new ideas and promotions to serve her customers. We were excited to talk with this faith-filled and brave breast cancer survivor, whose customer service is above and beyond the rest.

Speaking of faith, the “Pieces of Love” women’s mission group of Trinity Lutheran Church of Urbana takes their quilt and blanket making skills to a new level and makes baby dolls for children in South Africa. We were so in awe of these simply made, but oh-so-adorable precious gifts.

Finally, we talked with Janice McAteer of Developmental Services Center in Champaign. Centered, loving, gentle and, yet strong, McAteer encourages us all to find our inner voice, be true to who we are, and be kind to one another.

I couldn’t agree more. Make life better today for another. It will make you shine!

My best to you and yours~ Bridget


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