Great glass: Fantastic FX

In any artistic endeavor, whether it be music, painting or stained glass, there is the “art” of the medium, but also the “craft” of the creation. In its history, stained glass has been elevated to the realm of fine art. It makes sense, too, because the craft was — and still is — used in the decor of churches. There are windows that date back to 675 AD that are still in existence, so durability is obvious with stained glass, as well. 

It was Women in Mission Sunday at Trinity Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, located at 701 E. Florida Ave., Urbana. The women’s mission group, Pieces of Love, had created colorful quilts and blankets. The items will be shipped to Kenya, but on that weekend they were blessed at their worship services Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m.

Jenny Southlynn stands by a painting she created in graduate school. This semi-retired director of the after-school program at St. Matthew Catholic School in Champaign talks about her creation.

“It’s called ‘Family Tree,’” she said from her tastefully decorated condominium.

   John-Paul Buzard realized his lifelong dream when he opened Buzard Pipe Organ Builders in Champaign in 1985. And on paper, he’s been in the industry since high school and college, when he apprenticed as a technician.